Facade panel FINEBER Coated white slate 1137x470

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FineBer fa?ade panel White chalk slate 1137x470
Purpose: can be used both for cladding individual building fragments (plinths, porches, entrance groups) or used for cladding the facades of entire houses.
Fineber cladding facade panels is the best combination of price and quality. Being produced in Russia, they have a low cost relative to Western competitors. Facade panels are perfectly combined with vinyl siding as a fragmentary finish. The thickness of Fineber panels is 3 mm, and this makes them particularly resistant to mechanical damage. Resistance to heating and cooling, characteristic of the climate of central Russia, is confirmed by a technical parameter of -50o to +50o. Fineber fa?ade panels are made from polypropylene by molding. They are an environmentally friendly and slow-burning product. All technical characteristics are confirmed by Russian quality certificates.
Consumer characteristics:
• Light weight
• Rich color palette
• Variety forms
• Anti-vandalism and resistance to mechanical damage
• Wide operating temperature range from -50 to + 50 degrees
• Convenient mounting system
• Does not require special preparation
• A full range of additional elements makes it easy to work on facades of any complexity
• Anti-Fade
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