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Model: Assembly tape; Colour: RAL 7004 Grey; Material: Butyl rubber; Length, mm: 25000; Width, mm: 15; Weight, kg: 2.04; Application: For finishing facades and gables, For cornices, ridges, ridges, For roofing, For ceilings;

Mounting tape Ondutis BL (width 15 mm, length 25 m) butyl rubber, color: gray adhesive layer from drying out). Ondutis BL tape is necessary for reliable bonding of vapor- and air-tight materials (in particular, Ondutis films) to hard surfaces (wood, brick, concrete), as well as for additional sealing and waterproofing of joints.

Therefore, self-adhesive mounting Ondutis tape can be used both when arranging walls, ceilings and roofing cake, and when making adjoining roofing elements to each other (for example, roofing to a wall or chimney) or in places of overlap (for example, when laying tongs on internal fractures of the roof).

When buying Ondutis BL mounting tape, you will hardly increase the total cost of building materials, since the price of Ondutis BL is low, but you will extend the service life of vapor and waterproofing up to 15-20 years or more.

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Energy-saving 4-layer vapor barrier film DELTA®-REFLEX with a heat-reflective coating for pitched and flat roofs.

The feature of the Delta Reflex/Delta Reflex Plus vapor barrier film is the presence of a special reflective aluminum layer. This structure provides strength, reliability of the roof structure, preventing the penetration of moist and warm air. The vapor permeability of the material tends to zero.

DELTA®-REFLEX film description

DELTA®-REFLEX provides 100% reliability against the penetration of water vapor into the building structure due to almost zero vapor permeability (Sd> 150 m). It has a record strength of 450 N / 5 cm and at the same time high plasticity, even at low temperatures.

Hermetic gluing of overlaps and junctions guarantees protection of the roof from convective transfer of water vapor contained in the warm air of the attic.

DELTA®-REFLEX re-reflects up to 50% of the heat energy inside the room thanks to the reflective layer, which reduces your heating costs in winter. The sprayed aluminum coating is protected on the outside by a transparent polyester film. This guarantees the protection of the functional heat-reflecting layer from corrosion during wet finishing work in the building.

Using DELTA®-REFLEX film

The combination of high strength and plasticity allows you to mount the DELTA®-film REFLEX over large areas without the risk of damage due to excessive tension. The film easily holds the load from the insulation. It is recommended for the installation of a vapor barrier layer in houses with permanent residence. It can be used in wet areas (pools, bathrooms, kitchens) of residential buildings and industrial buildings.

It is used on pitched and flat roofs, as well as in the walls / ceilings of frame structures. DELTA®-REFLEX overlaps are glued with DELTA®-MULTI BAND or DELTA®-INSIDE BAND single-sided tapes. Before gluing, it is necessary to wipe the overlap area to remove dust, this is a mandatory requirement in a dusty construction site. When using chemical additives in plaster or floor screed, you should first check the compatibility of additives and their vapors with the film in order to prevent damage (corrosion) of the aluminum layer. We recommend that you always seal with DELTA®-MULTI BAND or DELTA®-INSIDE BAND tapes the fixing points of the film with staples.

The film meets all the requirements of the new STO of the National Roofing Union 2.1-2014 "Vapour Control Layer" and the Code of Regulations of the German Union Roofers (Fachregeln des ZVDH).

Technical characteristics of DELTA®-REFLEX film

ok. 180 g/m2
NameMeaning< /td>
ApplicationAir and vapor barrier of pitched/flat roofs, walls, ceilings. It is used in rooms with normal and high humidity.
Tear strengthapprox. 450 N/5 cm in the longitudinal direction; OK. 400 N/5 cm transversely according to DIN EN 12311
Sd equivalent water vapor diffusion resistance thicknessmore than 150 m
Application temperature rangefrom - 40 °C to + 80 °C
Roll weightapprox. 13.5 kg
Roll dimensions50 m x 1.5 m
Roll area75 m2
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Delta Neo Vent is a three-layer diffusion membrane for universal use, it can be used both on insulation and on solid flooring. Can serve as a temporary roof.

Description of the DELTA®-NEO VENT film

  • Under-roof diffusion membrane for pitched roofs with single-layer or double-layer ventilation, ventilated facades and floors . Mounted on insulation or solid flooring. Can be used on cold roofs.
  • It has a 3-layer structure, the layers are joined by ultrasound at the molecular level.
  • Non-woven material produced using innovative BiCo technology with increased UV protection and increased strength without increasing the mass of the material.
  • The reinforced bottom layer protects the inner functional layer from mechanical damage due to burrs and sharp edges of the solid wood deck and rafter legs. Due to this, the membrane is classified as a "formwork" material.
  • Can be used as a temporary roof in combination with DELTA® system accessories (sealing and connecting tapes, adhesives).

Application of DELTA®-NEO VENT film

DELTA®-NEO VENT is mounted parallel to the eaves when laid on the rafters and secured with staples/nails with a wide head. On ridges / ridges of insulated roofs, it is laid with an overlap. The gluing of the overlaps is carried out with a one-sided tape DELTA®-MULTI-BAND, the sealing of the points of attachment of the counter-lattice with nails is protected by the tape DELTA®-SCHAUM-BAND or DELTA®-DICHT-BAND.

It is recommended to glue the membrane to the drip / eaves strip with DELTA®-THAN adhesive, double-sided DELTA®-DUO TAPE or single-sided DELTA®-MULTI BAND.

On cold roofs or insulated roofs with double-layer ventilation, the film is mounted with ventilation gaps on the ridges /ridges, tight or with a sag of no more than 2 cm.

Technical characteristics of the DELTA®-NEO VENT film

< /tr>
MaterialThree-layer combination of a functional layer and external protective layers made of non-woven polypropylene. Primary raw material.
ZVDH classificationThe highest grades for diffusion membranes (UDB-A) and waterproof films (USB-A)
Tearing strength lengthwise/crosswiseapprox. 270/220 N/5 cm, EN 12311-1
Elongation at BreakLongitudinal 20-40% Transverse 40- 100%, EN 12377-1
Water tightness classW1, tested according to EN 13859-1+2
Water resistanceDynamic water column approx. 4 m, EN 20811
Sd Equivalent water vapor diffusion resistance thicknessapprox. 0.02 m
Temperature stability-40 °C to +100 °C (heating at maximum temperature no longer than 8 hours)
Flexibility at low temperatures-50 °C, EN 1109, tested by the independent institute tBU Institut fur textile Bau- und Umwelttechnik GmbH (test report 1.1/13525 /0129.0.1-2016)
Densityapprox. 135 g/m2
Weightapprox. 10 kg
Roll size50 m x 1.50 m / 75 m2
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Classic single-layer vapor barrier film DELTA-DAWI GP, 1.5 meters wide, 50 meters long, made of polyethylene for pitched and flat roofs.

The classic Delta Dawi GP film is suitable for arranging roofing systems of various designs. The polyethylene base is highly resistant to vapor diffusion. Light weight makes styling easier. The film is suitable for organizing flat roofs, as well as for cottages and houses with permanent residence.

Delta Dawi GP's single-layer film structure provides maximum ease of installation and operation. The specifics of the polyethylene base limits the possibility of diffusion of moisture, so that condensation does not form even with maximum temperature changes in winter.

The transparency of Delta Dawi GP allows you to fully control the installation, visually monitoring the quality of the insulation. This approach increases the reliability and efficiency of roofing work to achieve an impeccable quality result. The large roll width minimizes the number of joints and reduces the consumption of auxiliary connecting materials.

Technical characteristics of the DELTA®-DAWI GP film 1.5m 50m

MaterialSingle-layer special polyethylene film 200 µm thick. Translucent, yellow color. Primary raw material.
Equivalent diffusion thickness Sdapprox. 100 m
Tear strength170/150 N/5 cm longitudinal/transverse, tested according to EN 12311-2
Temperature stability-40 °C to +80 °C
Weight180 g/m2
Roll size50 m x 1.5 m
Roll area 75 m2
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Double-sided connecting adhesive tape Delta Duo Tape D38 of universal application is used for hermetic connection of any Delta hydro-vapor barrier films, as well as for gluing overlaps of Delta Radosperre rolls and Delta Root Barier anti-root film, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.< /p>

Technical data for DELTA®-DUO-TAPE D38

Application temperatureat least + 5 °C base and air temperature
Temperature stability-40 °C to +80 °C
Storage temperature+5 °C to +30 °C
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Single-sided connecting tape DELTA®-INSIDE-BAND, 60 mm wide, 40 meters long, for gluing overlaps of vapor barrier films.

Single-sided connecting tape with an adhesive layer of acrylate, tape base made of laminated cardboard. It has a high resistance to aging. For use with vapor barrier films only. Should not be used on the outside of the roof.


Binding rolls of any DELTA® vapor barrier film at roll overlaps. For interior work only. Tape can be used to attach films to metal, hard plastic, smooth wood. Use only on smooth and dry bases with a straight surface.

The base must be clean, smooth, dry, free of dust, grease and frost. The tape should not be used with recycled films with chlorinated paraffin additives. The adhesive power of the tape may be reduced when working with OSB (OSB) due to the migration of substances (for example, hexanal). Do not use in rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, swimming pools, etc.). Also, the tape is not intended for making vapor barrier connections to walls made of brick, concrete, gas silicate and similar mineral substrates.

Technical characteristics of the DELTA®-INSIDE-BAND tape

Application temperatureat least + 5 °C base surface and air temperature
Temperature stabilityfrom -40 °C to +80 °C
Storage temperature+5 °C to +30 °C
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DELTA®-MULTI-BAND M60 universal tape for gluing hydro and vapor barrier films, sealing roof penetrations and repairing film damage.

Used with all DELTA® roofing and vapor barrier films. Suitable for outdoor and indoor work. Used for gluing overlaps of rolls, sealing roof penetrations, sealing parts and repairing damage to foils. Apply only on smooth surfaces. To work with films from other manufacturers, it is recommended to check the compatibility on the construction site by the contractor.

Delta Multi Band M 60 adhesive tape with one adhesive side is made on the basis of durable polyethylene with reinforcement. As an adhesive mass - a special composition based on acrylate. The main purpose of the tape is to glue overlaps and eliminate damage during the repair of films and membranes.

Delta Multi Band M 60 is characterized by strength, reliability and resistance to aging. For ease of use - tear-off edge. Reinforcement - on the adhesive side. Can be used for sealing roof penetrations. The material is not subject to destructive biological influences.

Technical characteristics of the DELTA®-MULTI-BAND M60 tape

< td>Value < tr>
MaterialBase: LDPE-polyethylene with reinforcing mesh. Adhesive mass based on acrylate (primary raw material). Adhesive universal tape with high adhesive force and practical tear-off edge. It has high resistance to aging and UV radiation.
Application temperatureat least +5°C
Temperature stabilityfrom -40 °C to +80 °C
Storage temperaturefrom + 5 °C to +30 °C
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DELTA®-SCHAUM-BAND tape is designed to protect rafters or solid flooring from the penetration of rain and melt water through the points of fastening of the counter-battens and the batten with nails / self-tapping screws. DELTA®-SB is glued over the foil along the rafters or onto the counter battens before installation. The tape must be used on tile roofs of complex shape and roofs with a small angle of inclination (less than 22 degrees).

The tape protects the roof from leaks during roofing. It provides protection for the insulation and rafters even before the roofing is laid. During the entire operation of the roof, the sealing tape protects the house from emergency leaks due to damage to the roofing, and also eliminates the risk of condensate leaks on metal roofs.

Klasse II waterproof base device. DELTA®-SB is obligatory for use when constructing a temporary roof (temporary cover) and "lower protective roof"

IMPORTANT: choose nails/screws of the correct diameter and length for reliable fastening of the counter-batten and compression of the sealing tape . It is also necessary to observe the mounting step of the counter-lattice. Insufficient compression of the bar can reduce the reliability of the seal.

Technical data for DELTA-SCHAUM-BAND S8 60

_x00 0D__x 000D_
Name < /td> Meaning
Material _ x000D_ Sealing tape thickness 3 mm is made of polyethylene foam with closed pores, which ensures reliable compression of a nail or screw. The tape has an adhesive layer of modified acrylate, on the front side it is protected by a strong film with reinforcement. 5 °C air and substrate temperature
Belt width 60 mm
Length 30 m
Thickness 3 mm
Temperature stability -40 °C to +80 °C
Consumption 1 roll / 30 running meters counterlattices
Storage conditions from +5°C to +30°C indoors, away from heat sources, without direct UV exposure
Shelf life 24 months unopened