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Folgoizolone t. 2 mm.
In the construction of public buildings, which include premises that require special finishing to retain heat, it is advisable to use foilisolon. For example, buildings in which baths or saunas are provided sometimes incur heat losses that cost the owners, as they say, a pretty penny.
Folgoisolon – this is a material that works on the principle of a conventional thermos, it is oriented with foil inside the room and is capable of reflecting up to 96% of all radiation. While ordinary heaters are not able to retain 50-75% of the total heat loss.
The advantages of this insulating material include the following positive characteristics:
- good resistance to decay, as it does not absorb liquid and does not require the use of vapor barriers (roofing material, glassine, etc.);
- excellent resistance to heat transfer (up to 1.9 MS / W), and thermal conductivity - 0.034 W / mK;
- excellent performance in temperature range from - 60 0С to +100 0С;
- a fairly high sound absorption coefficient - 0.6;
- economical, in terms of the fact that due to its small thickness, it does not reduce the area of the heated room;
- good resistance to gasoline and motor oils;
- safe for the environment and hygienic in use.
Due to its positive qualities, foil isolon is widely used for hydro, heat, steam and sound insulation of enclosing structures: floors, ceilings, walls and roofs of special premises, for example, baths, steam rooms and saunas.
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