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Model: Assembly tape; Colour: RAL 7004 Grey; Material: Butyl rubber; Length, mm: 25000; Width, mm: 15; Weight, kg: 2.04; Application: For finishing facades and gables, For cornices, ridges, ridges, For roofing, For ceilings;

Mounting tape Ondutis BL (width 15 mm, length 25 m) butyl rubber, color: gray adhesive layer from drying out). Ondutis BL tape is necessary for reliable bonding of vapor- and air-tight materials (in particular, Ondutis films) to hard surfaces (wood, brick, concrete), as well as for additional sealing and waterproofing of joints.

Therefore, self-adhesive mounting Ondutis tape can be used both when arranging walls, ceilings and roofing cake, and when making adjoining roofing elements to each other (for example, roofing to a wall or chimney) or in places of overlap (for example, when laying tongs on internal fractures of the roof).

When buying Ondutis BL mounting tape, you will hardly increase the total cost of building materials, since the price of Ondutis BL is low, but you will extend the service life of vapor and waterproofing up to 15-20 years or more.

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