How to choose roof windows: important nuances


Attic windows - an important element of the attic, which affects not only the appearance of the roof, but also the insulating and translucent characteristics of the premises in the attic. Therefore, their choice should be approached consciously. In this article we will consider five nuances that will help you make a choice.

What size should be the windows?
Depending on the width, attic windows are installed in rafters, battens or with a partial modification of the rafter system.When installing on rafters, the width of the window should be 2-5 centimeters less than the distance between the rafters. That is, if the distance is 1 meter, the window width of 95-98 centimeters will do.

The window is installed on the crate if it is 5 or more centimeters narrower than the distance between the rafters.

If the window is wider than the distance between the rafters of the attic, the only solution is to change the rafters in the place of installation. That is, the central part of one of the rafters is cut out and moved to the side.

As for the length of the roof window, you should be guided by the angle of the roof. The greater it is, the longer the window is needed. Also take into account the distance from the floor - not less than 120 centimeters.

How many windows will there be?
When calculating the number of windows for the living space in the attic, it is recommended that the usable window area is 10% of the floor area. To the usable area refers only the light transmitting surface. You can find out this figure in the product data sheet.

To calculate the number of windows you can use the formula: S*0,1/So. Where S - floor area, 0,1 - 10%, and Sî - the useful area of one window. For non-residential premises, such as a shower room, a ratio of 8% (0.08) is sufficient.

For example, the floor area in the attic room is 50 m2, and the usable window area is 0.5 m2. We derive the formula: 50*0.1/0.5=10 windows.

What material will be used for attic windows?
For living spaces - bedroom, children's room or living room - it is best to use wooden windows. This is an excellent option in terms of price/quality ratio. The main thing is that manufacturers use the highest quality pine - without cracks and knots. And it is better to use winter timber. The wood should be treated with antiseptic, varnished several times, and the joints sealed with sealant.

Additional features: What else should I look for?

Security. Some models of windows have additional features to protect property from unlawful entry - metal closing elements, reinforced sashes, used longer and thicker screws for installation.

Curtain windows. This is a type of roof windows that open horizontally. They are usually installed on the elements of the roof, located at right angles.

Warranty. The best companies provide a warranty on roof windows for at least 5 years, and if you use a certified team to install them, this period may grow to 15 years.

Remote control. Some models of skylights can be controlled by remote control.

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