The most beautiful house
The most beautiful house

When the construction of the house is finished, every homeowner inevitably faces the question: what finishing materials should be used for the facade cladding. After all, the house should not only be reliable and spacious inside, it should look amazing outside - beautiful, original and fresh.

Variety of facing materials used to decorate buildings built of aerated concrete and brick or frame house construction method, today a great many. Facades of houses built of wood, lined with much less - wood is beautiful and noble in itself. There are also mishaps. For example, to finish the facades of brick houses use brick. Only not construction, and facing, foreign or domestic production. He, too, has a lot of varieties.

Ceramic facing bricks are made with the most modern equipment, which allows you to obtain a variety of surface textures and dozens of colors. In the range of some large European manufacturers have facing brick more than five hundred colors - a choice that will suit the most fastidious customers.

Bricks can be made not only classic rectangular shape, but also other configurations. This makes it possible to tile surfaces difficult in shape.

Even a house built from cheap and rough cinder blocks can acquire a noble appearance and become very attractive in terms of aesthetics if it is tiled with high-quality decorative bricks.

Clinker tile externally copies the finish of masonry. It repeats the size and shape of standard facing bricks, but thinner than it. Thanks to the peculiarities of the production technology, namely, long firing, clinker tiles have high frost resistance, good durability and water resistance. The price of tiles is affordable, and their properties are not inferior to other wall materials and even superior. Clinker tiles are easy to transport and easy to install. A strong connection to the tiled surface is provided by the original relief of the inner side - in the form of a swallow's tail.

What is the best siding for the house?
What is the best siding for the house?

Metal, vinyl, acrylic, fiber cement, wood - these are all types of siding. Which one should I choose for my home? Which siding is best for the house? A single answer is difficult enough. It all depends on the budget, needs and desired outcome. So, let's take a closer look at each type of siding.

Which roof is better
Which roof is better

Which roofing is more popular

The most popular roofing materials today are

Metal tile,
Flexible tile or soft roofing.
Euro slate or ondulin
Natural (ceramic) tile
The seam roof
This is largely due to:

The quality characteristics of roofing materials,

How to choose roof windows: important nuances
How to choose roof windows: important nuances

Attic windows - an important element of the attic, which affects not only the appearance of the roof, but also the insulating and translucent characteristics of the premises in the attic. Therefore, their choice should be approached consciously. In this article we will consider five nuances that will help you make a choice.

What size should be the windows?
Depending on the width, attic windows are installed in rafters, battens or with a partial modification of the rafter system.When installing on rafters, the width of the window should be 2-5 centimeters less than the distance between the rafters. That is, if the distance is 1 meter, the window width of 95-98 centimeters will do.

The window is installed on the crate if it is 5 or more centimeters narrower than the distance between the rafters.

If the window is wider than the distance between the rafters of the attic, the only solution is to change the rafters in the place of installation. That is, the central part of one of the rafters is cut out and moved to the side.

As for the length of the roof window, you should be guided by the angle of the roof. The greater it is, the longer the window is needed. Also take into account the distance from the floor - not less than 120 centimeters.

Drainage system: what to choose
Drainage system: what to choose

Protecting the roof, facade, basement from excessive moisture - the main function of the drainage system, so its choice affects the comfort of living and longevity of the building. Do not forget that modern drains - graceful and elegant design that can decorate the building, giving it a unique charm and charm. How to combine functionality and beauty, which drainage system to choose for a private cottage, and which - for an industrial building?

Basic criteria for the quality of drainage systems
Gutters should cope with all the accumulated water, even in the case of weather anomalies, so most modern systems are designed for heavy rains. Drainage systems can be internal and external, for free-standing buildings are better suited external designs. The choice is better to make at the stage of designing the house, the deadline - by the time the beginning of roofing work, because the gutters, set with the top of the building, the most durable. It is worth remembering about the other selection criteria.

The chemical composition of the individual elements is not compatible with each other: for example, you can not set the copper roof aluminum gutters.
In general, metal gutters were considered more durable, but even covered by polymer, they are susceptible to corrosion, plus have a large weight and not always appropriate for design.
Much more practical plastic gutters, which are easy to install, durable, reliable in operation, you can always choose the desired shade under the color of the facade panel or roof.
As connecting elements is more practical to use tight rubber seals that take into account the expansion of pipes and do not allow the structure to crack.
It is important to correctly calculate the cross section of the gutter, pipe diameter and the number of funnels: the required number of these elements depends directly on the area and design of the roof.

Optimal work of the drainage system will save the owners of the house from worries about water leaks and the formation of damp on the walls of the building. Plastic systems - the ideal choice for installation on private country cottages and industrial buildings within the city. It is no coincidence that their sales geography is constantly growing: our consumers have appreciated the quality of Russian products, made according to European safety standards. Practical, lightweight, versatile gutters are perfect for a house built in any style.