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When the construction of the house is finished, every homeowner inevitably faces the question: what finishing materials should be used for the facade cladding. After all, the house should not only be reliable and spacious inside, it should look amazing outside - beautiful, original and fresh.

Variety of facing materials used to decorate buildings built of aerated concrete and brick or frame house construction method, today a great many. Facades of houses built of wood, lined with much less - wood is beautiful and noble in itself. There are also mishaps. For example, to finish the facades of brick houses use brick. Only not construction, and facing, foreign or domestic production. He, too, has a lot of varieties.

Ceramic facing bricks are made with the most modern equipment, which allows you to obtain a variety of surface textures and dozens of colors. In the range of some large European manufacturers have facing brick more than five hundred colors - a choice that will suit the most fastidious customers.

Bricks can be made not only classic rectangular shape, but also other configurations. This makes it possible to tile surfaces difficult in shape.

Closer to nature

Natural stone is very good for facades. But the natural material is very heavy, inconvenient to transport, difficult to work with and very expensive. Therefore much more popular in recent years has become its artificial substitute - finishing stone. The most modern manufacturing technology makes it possible to obtain inexpensive and very high-quality products.

When applied to decorative stone, the word "artificial" does not mean a large number of chemical additives and other harmful substances. This is absolutely safe for humans environmentally friendly material.

The main ingredient for the manufacture of artificial stone is Portland cement. After adding environmentally friendly dyes and lightweight fillers, the mixture is prepared and poured into molds. The best characteristics are achieved in the process of vibration casting - the finished material has a great longevity and excellent strength. Due to the addition of coloring pigments of inorganic origin coloring is obtained volumetric, and the color shades are preserved for decades.

If natural stone is delivered to the construction site in a very uncomfortable form - in bulk, the artificial stone is brought in small boxes that are easy and simple to carry. Since the reverse side of the decorative stone is flat, he mounts on any surface - wooden, plastered, brick, cladding gypsum. In terms of strength, durability and reliability, the indicators of artificial and natural stone are identical. Special additives allow the ersatz-stone to easily withstand temperature jumps and not to be afraid of moisture. Its scope of use is wide - the facing of the ground floor, foundations or gables, landscape design, fireplace finishing, creating interior elements.

You can, of course, replace the natural stone and plastic panels with the appropriate texture and color. But this class of finishing materials has fundamental differences from artificial stone. For example, plastic panels are attached to the facade by mechanical means, and artificial stone is mounted on glue or cement. Below we will consider plastic cladding materials.

Paneling, basement siding

The advantages of basement siding enough - it's light weight, and ease of installation, and beautiful aesthetics - the appearance of natural stone is reproduced very authentically. And finishing work takes a minimum of time - interior and exterior decoration of a whole house can be accomplished in just a few days.

Fiberglass panels imitate granite, boulders, facing brick. They are resistant to mildew and mold, temperature fluctuations and other atmospheric influences. Skirting siding is durable, does not burn out in the sun and is able to retain its properties for a long time.

Mount facing panels of fiberglass can be any bearing structure. You need only dowel nails or self-tapping screws, as well as sealants (in certain cases). No "wet" processes are required, there is no need for drying, and thus the installation of socle siding can be carried out in any weather - in snow, in the rain, in high humidity. 

When finishing a house with panels in the vast majority of cases used the technology of ventilated facades. Bearing basis, thermal insulation material and the facade screen are attached to the wall of the building with the calculation that between the wall and the screen could circulate air. This allows the internal and atmospheric moisture to leave the house, and also creates an additional air layer of insulation in the winter.

To clad buildings, the ventilated facade system gives the opportunity to apply a variety of panel sizes and shapes. For example, fibre cement and porcelain stoneware panels, as well as metal cassettes, which are the original facade panels in a wide range of colors, can serve as such materials.

Even a house built from cheap and rough cinder blocks can acquire a noble appearance and become very attractive in terms of aesthetics if it is tiled with high-quality decorative bricks.

Clinker tile externally copies the finish of masonry. It repeats the size and shape of standard facing bricks, but thinner than it. Thanks to the peculiarities of the production technology, namely, long firing, clinker tiles have high frost resistance, good durability and water resistance. The price of tiles is affordable, and their properties are not inferior to other wall materials and even superior. Clinker tiles are easy to transport and easy to install. A strong connection to the tiled surface is provided by the original relief of the inner side - in the form of a swallow's tail.

Vinyl linings (vinyl siding)

Siding is a small width vinyl panels with a locking tab. When installed, they form a single waterproof coating, firmly bonded to each other. Vinyl siding is attached to the substrate with self-tapping screws or nails.

Installation of siding is relatively simple: with the help of dowels to the wall attached to metal profiles, on which the vinyl panels are fixed. With this modern material can quickly give an aesthetic appearance to the newly built brick building, update the old wall that has lost appeal, to imitate natural wood or natural stone finish.

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