Which roof is better


Which roofing is more popular

The most popular roofing materials today are

Metal tile,
Flexible tile or soft roofing.
Euro slate or ondulin
Natural (ceramic) tile
The seam roof
This is largely due to:

The quality characteristics of roofing materials,

Advantages and disadvantages of metal roofing

Metal tile - it's steel sheets with a wavy profile, externally imitating natural tiles. The underside is treated with protective varnish, the front side - a polymer film. Estimated service life - 50 years, the guarantee - 10-15. Permissible roof pitch - from 12 degrees.


corrosion resistance;
a large area of sheets accelerates installation;
low weight, there is no increased load on the rafter system;
fire safety;
Profile shape promotes good ventilation of the underlay area;
aesthetics, a lot of colors.


rigid profile sheets are not suitable for covering curved roofs and roofs with a circular cross section;
a high percentage of waste (up to 30%), especially when covering broken roofs;
The complexity of treatment: only cold cutting tool for metal. Not to be bolstered, so as not to damage the polymer coating;
scratches formed during installation, must be immediately covered with polymer paint to avoid corrosion;
Poor noise isolation: metal is a conductor of sound;
thermal conductivity;
electrical conductivity: lightning conductor must be installed.

Advantages and disadvantages of soft roof

Soft roof (shingles, shingles) - a material consisting of a woven base (fiberglass, glass fabric, polyester), bitumen impregnation and granulated stone crumb as an outer coating. Some brands (in particular, the French tile Ikopal) instead of mineral granules used copper foil. The substrate tiles are more often self-adhesive, less often covered with silica sand.

Low weight, easy installation;
When installed in warm weather tiles slightly melt under the sun, sinter and form an airtight continuous coverage;
the possibility of registration of any pitched roofs, including domed, conical, curved;
minimum waste during installation (within 5%);
quietness, good insulation;
aesthetics, a lot of colors, there are models with 3D effect. Many forms of shingles: hexagonal, rectangular, beavertail, etc.

Due to the absolute tightness and flat shape shingles impose increased requirements for ventilation of the underlayment space;
Although the material itself at a price comparable to metal, but in the end the roof is more expensive due to the additional cost of the underlay carpet and roofing pie with a complex structure.

Advantages and disadvantages of a roof made of ondulin

Ondulin (Euro slate) in composition is similar to soft shingles: cellulose-fiber base, bitumen impregnation, basalt crumb. In contrast to shingles ondulin is a rigid sheet of shaped profile. Service life - about 20 years. Allowed roof slope - from 6 degrees.

lightness (a sheet of 1 by 2 meters on average weighs 6.5 kg);
water resistance;
As well as shinglas, sheets of ondulin are glued under the sun;
easy processing (can be cut with a regular hacksaw);
easy installation;
Impervious to rot and corrosion;
high chemical resistance;
the price is lower than that of metal and shingles;

you should not walk on the roof in the heat: the softened coating can deform. Restore the shape of the profile is no longer possible;
fading. The rate of loss of color depends on the brand;
poor resistance to biological factors - vegetation, fungus.

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